[lug] OT: ATT Broadband service interruptions?

Michael D. Hirsch mhirsch at nubridges.com
Tue Oct 29 07:14:59 MST 2002

On Tuesday 29 October 2002 12:38 am, John Dollison wrote:
> This isn't exactly Linux related, but you guys are more
> computer-savvy than 95% of the local Windows users.....
> I'm on the AT&T Broadband service, and lately I've been having lots
> of problems connecting to various websites.  I thought I was having a
> hardware problem with my cable modem, but I just got off the
> chat-line with AT&T's support guy, and he says it's a Network
> Operations Center problem.  Normally I'd believe him, but this
> problem seems odd to me.  I'd like some feedback from you guys.

I haven't had this problem in the 4 years I've had AT&T, nee MediaOne, 
broadband.  I have a problem that my 3com router/wireless access point 
often needs resetting, but the cable modem never needs to be reset.


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