[lug] Re: [NMLUG] tar and symlinks

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 29 14:30:32 MST 2002

>>Issues with tar, like the one you raised, is one reason dump/restore
>>and cpio are better tools for doing reliable backups and restores.
>> >
>so, are you saying that dump and cpio can handel symlinks linking
>outside of the dirs i am backing up?
well, i just spoke to one of my former sysadmin bosses. And he
tells me just dump / and /usr as well as the other partions i need
, he says it will only take a liitle longer, and takes about
the same time to read the tape in for restore. This will keep
all my symlinks intact.I guess this might be overkill, chances are
that i will never have to restore a whole partion as opposed to
just a few files..thus making the 3 broken sysmlinks in etc not such
a big deal.


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