[lug] Samba 2.2.3a-6 on Redhat 7.3

Joseph McDonald joem at uu.net
Tue Oct 29 19:17:17 MST 2002

The best way for a samba noob to get it up and running, sharing
files, etc. is to use swat.  'man swat'

That will get you started in the least amount of time.

To start your daemons without using swat (if you've already
configured samba's config file) would be simply

  service smb start

That will also start nmb, the windows name service deamon.


Dale R. Hill said:
> I am trying to set up Samba so that I can share files with my Win2000
> workstation. I installed the samba 2.2.3a-6 from my 7.3 distro. When I
> execute: rpm -qa | grep samba I see: samba-common-2.2.3a-6 and
> samba-client-2.2.3a-6 so I am assuming that I have all of the correct
> pieces. But how do I start samba? The book I have (RH Linux Bible 7.3)
> indicates to simply type: "smb on" but there is no smb executable on the
> system. In looking at the HOW-TOs on samba.org they seem to suggest starting
> the daemons, smbd and nmbd. After doing this however I can't see the Linux
> workstation from the Windows workstation.
> Could someone please give me a couple of clues here.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dale
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