[lug] Redhat 7.3 wireless help

Dan Julio djulio99 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 13:44:53 MST 2002

Hey all,

I am looking to see if there is anyone who does linux
consulting or is an expert capable of configuring a
laptop to support a wireless network connection.

I inheritied a Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop with a
Linksys WTC11 wireless PCMCIA card.  The machine dual
boots into Windows XP (wireless works great here) and
Redhat Linux 7.3 (kernel build 2.4.18-3).  The machine
is loaded with software I need to work so I'm hesitant
just to re-install some different version of Linux.  I
downloaded built and installed AbsoluteValue system's
linux-wlan driver for the card's PRISM2 chipset.  But
I can't get the machine to use a different ethernet
interface.  I'm pretty sure the driver is loaded and
correctly finds the card (based on log messages and
the card powering up).

I'm pretty much a newbie using Linux.  I have tried
using the KDE network configuration tool provided by
Redhat (redhat-config-network-1.0.0-1 package) but it
doesn't know about wireless ethernet interfaces and
crashes all the time.  I can't find a newer version of
this tool.

The other problem I have been having is configuring
the Linux machine to use a DHCP served address on its
wired ethernet interface.  I use the network
configuration tool to select DHCP but the box can
never successfully activate networking.  If I use the
tool to hardware an IP address it works.

Any pointers, suggestions, offers would be greatly

Regards, Dan Julio
djulio99 at yahoo.com

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