[lug] OT: ATT Broadband service interruptions?

John Dollison johndollison at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 30 14:21:40 MST 2002

After talking with a different tech on the phone, a repair guy was sent to
my house.  He said, "Oh, the RCA DCM215.... I just replaced one of those the
day before yesterday, same problem.  I'll just go get a new modem from the
truck."  So now I'm the proud leaseholder (leasee?) of a Motorola SURFboard
cable-modem. A few minutes later we hooked it up and got it registered at
AT&T's website, and I'm back online!  Woo-hoo!

(And, to make this Linux related, he asked me what OS I had, just before we
registered the modem.  I said "Linux," and he said "Cool."  He didn't insist
that I must have an OS problem; he didn't even insist that I hook the modem
directly to my computer, instead of to my SMC Barricade router!)


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| John Dollison wrote:
| > I agree, but this is the first time I've ever had to convince the tech
| > support guy that it's a HARDWARE problem!  Usually I hear "That's a
| > problem", "That's a Windows problem", or "Whatever it is, it's not OUR
| > problem."
| Back when my HP inkjet died, it took me probably half an hour of
| answering questions, getting interrupted if I tried to get a word in
| edgewise. When they finally asked if I had rebooted and such, I got a
| chance to say "it burst into flames and burned up, filling the entire
| room with smoke and ozone". They only made me answer a couple more
| questions, and skipped the windows stuff after that. But it was over
| half an hour on the phone before I was even allowed to tell them that
| went up in flames.
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