[lug] Nat Torkington on Regexes at Softpro on the 12th

rise rise at knavery.net
Fri Nov 1 13:03:31 MST 2002

Something from SoftPro's newsletter that looks cool:

    Nat Torkington on Regular Expressions

    Place and Time: Boulder store -- Tuesday, November 12 at 7 pm.

    Nat Torkington, co-author of Perl Cookbook and author of the
    upcoming "Regular Expression Pocket Reference" (both by O'Reilly
    and Associates), will be at the Boulder store to talk about how
    regular expressions are becoming a fundamental part of languages
    other than Perl (e.g. .NET and Java) and what Perl 6 has planned
    for regular expressions.  If you are interested in attending,
    please email events at softprowest.com with the word "Torkington" in
    the subject line.

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