[lug] ripping mp3s with grip and rh8 xmms

Neal Cassady thadphole at softhome.net
Fri Nov 1 18:57:22 MST 2002

I have several mp3s which i cant play with xmms under rh8. redhat, in
view of proprietary feature of mp3, RH has disabled xmms from playing
it. Though thereś a work around for this as said in RH web page but
the link in xmms seems to be dead, (is it busy or was it forcebly downed). 

However i find its quite amusing that i can only play mp3s that i ripped
on my own using a free software for linux like grip

What I do not know and would like to try if ill burn a copy of the
ripped mp3s via grip, will xmms on my other RH8 box will be able to play
it. If it wont play, I think RH has succeeded in doing something which
Bill Gates want to do to please record labels corporate di**heads!

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