[lug] cisco678 - PPP - /29

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 3 00:11:16 MST 2002

  i got a block 0f 8 ips from isp. I have adsl using
a cisco678 DMT modem with cbos 2.4.7. I have used this modem for a long
time in ppp mode with one ip doing nat...pretty standard stuff. Now the ip
i have been using is The new block they gave me is... I still get dhcped to wan0-0 or
eth0 depending if nat is enabled or disabled. So my isp...and all the docs i 
find tell me to assign vip0 . So i did....
It seems to work off and on then give out. I can always get connection
when i go back to one ip. So i am at a loss....some 25 hrs later.
My isp does not support bridging. And it would appear as if other people
with ppp based isp can do it..I have tried all of these configs 
http://www.help-connect.com/cbosprogramming.htm#BD ..and like i said
sometimes one box will be up and the rest arent, and vice versa. I read a 
thing that said maybe the arp cache on my boxes was causing issues. so i 
cleared the cache on my linux boxes and the router. I dont really know what 
try at this point....maybe ill get a cisco827 and just hope it works...or
use a isp that does bridging. Can someone offer any advice on any of this?


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