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Frank Whiteley techzone at greeleynet.com
Sun Nov 3 09:57:48 MST 2002

Using eth0 and vip0, the only way I could finally get it to both NAT and
route was to add the following to configure the outside port for NAT.  I
assume you want to keep NAT enabled.  Qwest 2nd tier support and ISP were
not helpful and I had to dig this out of CISCO docs and even that wasn't
clear that it was the issue. (FWIW, Cisco 675s did this fine out of the

set int wan0-0 outside-ip (in your case)

Also do
show int eth0
show int vip0

Your public subnet should be set to outside.  Your rfc1918 subnets should be
set to inside.  I recently added a second rfc1918 subnet to vip1 and had to
set int vip1 inside
to get NAT working on that subnet.  It defaulted to outside for some reason.

following any changes.

I assume you've added the route for your subnet then.  If not, you'll need

Frank Whiteley

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> Hello,
>   i got a block 0f 8 ips from isp. I have adsl using
> a cisco678 DMT modem with cbos 2.4.7. I have used this modem for a long
> time in ppp mode with one ip doing nat...pretty standard stuff. Now the ip
> i have been using is The new block they gave me is...
> I still get dhcped to wan0-0 or
> eth0 depending if nat is enabled or disabled. So my isp...and all the docs
> can
> find tell me to assign vip0 . So i did....
> It seems to work off and on then give out. I can always get connection
> when i go back to one ip. So i am at a loss....some 25 hrs later.
> My isp does not support bridging. And it would appear as if other people
> with ppp based isp can do it..I have tried all of these configs
> http://www.help-connect.com/cbosprogramming.htm#BD ..and like i said
> sometimes one box will be up and the rest arent, and vice versa. I read a
> little
> thing that said maybe the arp cache on my boxes was causing issues. so i
> have
> cleared the cache on my linux boxes and the router. I dont really know
> to
> try at this point....maybe ill get a cisco827 and just hope it works...or
> use a isp that does bridging. Can someone offer any advice on any of this?
> thanks,
> jd
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