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j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 3 14:23:07 MST 2002

>Using eth0 and vip0, the only way I could finally get it to both NAT and
>route was to add the following to configure the outside port for NAT.  I
>assume you want to keep NAT enabled.  Qwest 2nd tier support and ISP were
>not helpful and I had to dig this out of CISCO docs and even that wasn't
>clear that it was the issue. (FWIW, Cisco 675s did this fine out of the
>set int wan0-0 outside-ip (in your case)
>Also do
>show int eth0
>show int vip0
>Your public subnet should be set to outside.  Your rfc1918 subnets should 
>set to inside.  I recently added a second rfc1918 subnet to vip1 and had to
>set int vip1 inside
>to get NAT working on that subnet.  It defaulted to outside for some 
>following any changes.
>I assume you've added the route for your subnet then.  If not, you'll need
>Frank Whiteley

Hi Frank,
I think i did all that you said. But my connection for the non nat-ed
public ips on vip0 comes and goes.I did not add any routes though.
Below are the outputs of sho run and sho route and sho int. Could
you tell me if everything looks right....Also, when i ping
out from a ip on the vip0 subnet (ie I can see
that the trafffic is making the internet...i think, i feel the problem
is getting a route back in. I dont reall care to have nat working..
just the only way i have gotten any connection at all.

Thanks for your time,

sho route....
cbos#sho route
[TARGET]         [MASK]           [GATEWAY]       [M][P] [TYPE]    [IF]   
[AGE]          1     SA        WAN0-0   
0          1     LA        VIP0     
0          1     LA        ETH0     
0          1     A         WAN0-0   

WAN Interfaces...          1     HA        WAN0-0   

sho run.....
cbos#sho run
Warning: traffic may pause while NVRAM is being accessed
[[ CBOS = Section Start ]]
NSOS MD5 Enable Password = 
NSOS Virtual IP Address = 00,
NSOS Virtual Netmask = 00,
NSOS MD5 Root Password = 
NSOS MD5 Commander Password = C84054704F94363D751400453E424DFC
[[ PPP Device Driver = Section Start ]]
PPP Port Option = 00, IPCP,IP Address,3,Auto,Negotiation Not 
PPP Port Option = 00, IPCP,Primary DNS Server,129,Auto,Negotiation Not 
PPP Port Option = 00, IPCP,Secondary DNS Server,131,Auto,Negotiation Not 
PPP Port User Name = 00, jdavis
PPP Port User Password = 00, ****
[[ ATM WAN Device Driver = Section Start ]]
ATM WAN Virtual Connection Parms = 00, 0, 32, 0
[[ IP Routing = Section Start ]]
IP NAT = enabled
IP NAT Outside IP =

sho int...

cbos#sho int
           IP Address         Mask




wan0       Physical Port: Trained

           Dest IP Address    Mask

sho nat....

cbos#sho nat

NAT is currently enabled

Port      Network        Global
eth0      Inside
wan0-0    Outside
vip0      Outside
vip1      Outside
vip2      Outside

      Local IP : Port      Global IP : Port      Timer Flags    Proto 
Interface    86400   0x00046  tcp   eth0 
vip0       90   0x00046  udp   eth0 
wan0-0       30   0x00046  icmp  eth0 
wan0-0        30   0x0004A  icmp  eth0 

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