[lug] Panel Discussion - Software Licenses

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Mon Nov 4 16:30:26 MST 2002

Hi, everyone.

For November's monthly meeting, I'm organizing a panel of lawyers to
talk about software licenses.  Jason Haislmaier, my main contact, is a
lawyer in Boulder who does work with software licenses, and was
recommended to us by D. Stimitis, who heard him speak at a Colorado
Game Developer's meeting about licenses.  Mr. Haislmaier is in contact
with several other lawyers, and we hope to confirm a panel for next

They've all been involved in analyzing and interpreting the various
free and open source software licenses, and can answer questions.

I'll be giving them a URL into this thread on the email archives on
our website, so if you have questions you'd like to ask, it would help
them to prepare for the panel by knowing what we're interested in.
So, what are *you* interested in?  Reply to this message, and they'll
see it.

One last heads up: The law school is using *all* their rooms for
something next week, and our normal backup room, ECCR 105, was also
reserved.  We will meet in ECCR 1B40, 7:00 P.M., on the University of
Colorado campus, and there will be no introductory talk before the
meeting this month.  This will, of course, be reiterated in the
announcement next week.  We'll be back in the law school building in

We currently have no demo scheduled, but because of the room change,
we would need to obtain a projector if someone wants to volunteer to
do a 10-minute demo.

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socket at peakpeak.com | humility

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