[lug] cisco678 - PPP - /29

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 19:24:26 MST 2002

>This looks okay, however, I'm using a different CBOS version and get
>different info displayed.  I was seeing something odd a few minutes ago
>while running Matt's traceroute to your 210 and 212 public IPs, but I
>suspect you were rebooting.  I have seen odd routing when the ISP
>inadvertently assigned the SAME subnet to two users.  We could do some
>things, but not all things.  Your userID is crl?  If not, there could be a
>problem.  CNSP seems large enough to have the inadvertant routing problem.
>A quick ARIN check was inconclusive other than the assigned IPs were in a
>range allocated to CNSP.  This is just something to double check if other
>ideas don't work out.  It can absorb a lot of time.

Frank....you kick ass. My isp had assigned the subnet twice :)
Then tried to assighn me this... /29 . WTF?!
lol...but they were really nice and never said Linux was breaking stuff
so ther ok in my book! Thanks again for your help!


jd at taproot.bz

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