[lug] editing comps

Prafulla Harpanhalli prafullakh at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 5 04:21:30 MST 2002

Hi all...

I am trying to install RH 7.3 such that it occupies as
much less space as possible. In the package selection
screen, i am selecting nothing. The size shown by the
install program on the bottom is 377 MB. So, ideally
whatall is included /RedHat/base/comps file should get
installed, IMO, considering the dependencies.

I hv followed the procedure outlined in
to edit the comps file.

Running ./genhdlist ..... returns me to the prompt
without errors. 

Next, ./buildinstall exits with a lot of (error?)
mesgs like no such file or dir, : expected at the end
of line, etc.

Now, if i proceed with mkisofs, the iso file is
created, 630 MB. But when i mount it with -o loop
switch, my images/ dir is totally empty. 

When i reboot & proceed with a hdd insatllation, i get
an error saying " Error on line 633 of
/usr/bin/anaconda ". (/usr/bin/anaconda is a python
script got by mounting base/stage2.img with -o loop

The fact that hdlist is being created newly, without
errors, means my comps file has no dependency
problems, IMO. Guess i am missing something.

Kindly help.


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