[lug] Samba 2.2.3a-6 on Redhat 7.3

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue Nov 5 19:12:24 MST 2002

Thus spoke j davis
> /etc/smb.conf works out the gate....and then theres the brain-buster
> smbpasswd -a billybob....thats a tuff one...actually you do need to
> edit the workgroup name in smb.conf.IMHO swat takes more time to get
> turned on and working that to make very few edits to a wonderfully
> commented and documented conf file. *IMHO*

You know, everyone keeps telling me how easy this is, but I still can't get my
XP box to connect to my Linux box.  I'm pretty sure it's a user authentication
issue, but I don't know what user to add to Samba so my wife's XP box can
connect to my Linux box.  I've run most of the tests listed in
http://hr.uoregon.edu/davidrl/DIAGNOSIS.txt and the ones that are causing
problems are the ones from the XP (re: client) side. 

1. I can ping from the Linux server from the XP client.
2. The XP client is already accessing the Internet (via IE) by using the Linux
   box as a gateway.  

In other words, the TCP/IP stuff is working in general.  The problem is an
authentication issue.

Some questions:
1. I want to make the Samba stuff password free if possible, with any user on
   the local network granted access to shared resources on my Linux box.  What
   do I need to do to make this happen?  Would posting my smb.conf make that
   easier to determine?  I hesitate to post files in discussion groups without 
   asking first.

2. The local network is behind a firewall.  I allow no incoming connections.  I
   allow some local internal connections, such as NFS.  Do I need to add an
   ipchains entry for Samba?  If so, what would such an entry look like?

I added a user "nobody" to Samba via smbpasswd:
   smbpasswd -a nobody
and just hit ENTER for the password.  Is this considered a null password?  
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