[lug] Re: vfat Doesn't Work With Windows 2000

SoloCDM deedsmis at aculink.net
Tue Nov 5 20:43:23 MST 2002

dan radom stated the following:
> * SoloCDM (deedsmis at aculink.net) wrote:
> > I have Linux Mandrake release 8.0 with Kernel 2.2.20-9.2mdk.  The
> > vfat isn't able to read any Windows 2000 diskettes.  What needs to
> > be done to update vfat?
> try fdisk -l /dev/hdXX to see the partition table, so you can make
> sure it's really a vfat. you may also need to modprobe vfat if support
> for that filesystem is modular and not built into your kernel.

Is that fdisk in Linux or Windows?

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