[lug] Sr. Network Admin Opening

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Wed Nov 6 19:32:20 MST 2002

Hey Nate... 

I was really tempted to apply just so there'd be two Nate's there and we
could drive people calling for us on the phone nuts... "Is Nate
there?"... ummm.... heh heh... yeah... hang on... oh you wanted the
OTHER Nate... heheh...

But... I recently found employment again doing Admin stuff!  (Whoo hoo!)

For those looking, hang in there... I went a full year without a "real"
admin position, but I kept my hand in IT and did some help desk and
other stuff, lots of little non-profit groups stuff, and helped a really
small company do some network monitoring and things... and out of the
blue I had three interviews... amazing.

Maybe this is a good sign for everyone... I sure would like to believe
so.  (That and another 1/2 point drop in the Fed rate shouldn't hurt to
kick start things a bit... I don't believe 100% in running an economy by
fiddling with a single index toy like the lending rate, but hey, if it
works... it works...)

All of the positions weren't admin jobs, but they were all with good
companies and good people... which are both key things to consider when
things have been so slow this last year for everyone.  I had a few
interviews throughout the year with some pretty scary places & folks...
luckily they didn't want me... yikes.

I wish everyone that's still looking all the best of luck and hunting
skill, and will continue to pass along anything I find to friends and
other BLUG'ers and folks I know are looking.  Keep your chins up... it
eventually comes around.

(Another friend of mine recently decided to move out of state to a rural
area -- South Dakota -- where he's now the head cheese tech for a cable 
company there doing their cable modem network... he's enjoying the raw
uncapped bandwidth at home -- since it's his network after-all -- and
very few users to share the system with... heh... can't beat that!  He
stays in touch with all of us over VoIP and Ham Radio... so he's not a
lone geek in the woods... um, er... in the flat... um...er... well, you
get the idea... the offer they made him was more than reasonable
considering the cost of living... now we'll see how he handles the
winters up there... heh heh...)

Nate, nate at natetech.com

On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 21:09, neelsmith74 at netscape.net wrote:
> Hi All,
> We have an opening for a Sr. Net Admin at the City of Northglenn.
> I would not normally post here, but since so many good people are out of work right now, I thought I would.
> We are looking for a Linux/Unix Guru of Networking/Admin; who also knows Windows(not the other way around).  We are moving to Open Source!
> Please do not email me about the job, but please be sure to put "BOULDER LINUX GROUP" in the comment section if you apply!  This will help!!!
> Link:
> http://www.northglenn.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=phprofession&file=index&cmd=Details&jcode=2002-60
> Nate-the other one.
> webmaster
> City of Northglenn
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