[lug] Host file access from UML

Dale R. Hill daleh at Hill-Eng.com
Thu Nov 7 11:23:01 MST 2002

I am trying mount my host file system so that it is directly accessible from
UML. The documentation indicates that the host file system can be mounted as
a virtual hostfs via the following mount command:

mount none /mnt/host -t hostfs -o /usr

When I try this I get the following error message: mount point /mnt/host
does not exist.

The question is: Does anyone know how to mount the host file system within
UML so that it is accessible.

BTW: I am running Linux 7.3. I patched the 2.4.19 version of the kernel with
uml-patch-2.4.19-27. Additionally, I am booting UML with root_fs =

Thanks in advance,
Dale H.

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