[lug] random album mp3 player

Tony Dyson the_anorak at worldnet.att.net
Sat Nov 9 22:43:02 MST 2002

AFAIR xmms will play from an ".m3u" file. You could try creating one for 
  a selection of albums & see if it will play them randomly.

Ben Luey wrote:
> This is probably a ridiculously easy question. How do I play a random
> album from my mp3 collection? Xmms and Zinf (formerly freeamp) will sort a
> playlist randomly, but I want to randomize by album, not by track /
> individual file. Or, if it could select a random playlist, I could make a
> play list for each album. This seems like an easy task -- can xmms or zinf
> do this?

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