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>Scratch that idea. It just seems to create a list of all the tracks in all 
>the .m3u files.
>Tony Dyson wrote:
>>AFAIR xmms will play from an ".m3u" file. You could try creating one for  
>>a selection of albums & see if it will play them randomly.
>>Ben Luey wrote:
>>>This is probably a ridiculously easy question. How do I play a random
>>>album from my mp3 collection? Xmms and Zinf (formerly freeamp) will sort 
>>>playlist randomly, but I want to randomize by album, not by track /
>>>individual file. Or, if it could select a random playlist, I could make a
>>>play list for each album. This seems like an easy task -- can xmms or 
>>>do this?

this might work if you put you playlist in /home/records

HTH :)

#! /usr/bin/perl
@array = `ls /home/records`;
$num = 0;
foreach $i (@array){
srand;                      # not needed for 5.004 and
$index   = rand @array;
$element = $array[$index];
while( $num > "0"){
       `xmms $element`;

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