[lug] Gnome workspace navigation -- SOLVED

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 17 14:35:04 MST 2002

"Michael J. Hammel" wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 10:48, Gary Hodges wrote:
> > Hugh Brown wrote:
> > >
> > > In older versions of gnome there were the concepts of the viewport and
> > > the workspace.  A workspace could be subdivided into 4 viewports and you
> > > could edge flip and drag to different viewports.  In the gnome that
> > > ships with Redhat 8 (gnome 2 in general I think), the viewports are
> > > gone.  You only have workspaces and you can't drag easily (it seems like
> > > there were some hacks that I found googl'ing but it didn't seem worth
> > > the effort).  Lack of edge flipping and window dragging in gnome is a
> > > deal breaker for me, so I use AfterStep.

OK, my problem was I had four workspaces instead of one workspace
divided up into four viewports.  I should have realized this after
reading the above, but it took some playing around to finally get it to
sink in.  Now as far as Gnome 2 not having this feature, I have no
idea.  It looks like I have 1.4 installed on my RH7.3 system.


> >
> > Thanks for the reply.  Been out sick and am just now reading it.  I
> > guess I have gotten mostly used to not having that dragging feature, but
> > I still miss it.  I could get around it if I could just get the key
> > bindings to work at all.  There is an option under "Context: Window" for
> > "Send to Workspace X" that would solve a lot of my wants if I could just
> > get it to work.  Unfortunately I can't get any of the key bindings to
> > work.
> I think I missed most of this, but you can "Stick" a window so that when
> you change workspaces, it will show up in the desktop page you changed
> to.  Then you can unstick it to leave it there.
> Sticking is an option of the window manager (in fact, so are the
> workspaces) and can be accessed from the title bar menu or from the
> tasklist panel - right click on your apps task entry button to get a
> menu, then select "stick" or "unstick".
> This is how I move windows between workspaces using Sawfish under
> GNOME.  Dragging works, but only on the current workspaces, so sticking
> is the only way (that I know of) to move a window to a different
> workspace.
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