[lug] Network traffic

jdavis lug at taproot.bz
Wed Dec 18 00:11:37 MST 2002

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 22:32, Terry Branaman wrote:
> I have recently noticed something strange on my home network. Whenever
> two or more machines are turned on (even during the power-up self test)
> I see a lot of activity and collisions. When just one machine is powered
> on, there is no network activity (as expected), but as soon as I turn on
> another machine, the activity starts up - even before the OS has loaded.
> This just started recently.
> Any ideas about what is happening, or what I can check to determine what
> is happening? I'm running Mandrake 9.
> Thanks.

  try running tcpdump or ethreal or snort, i dont belive 
any of these come with mandrake but you can download them.
they will report all the activity on your network depending
on config...tcpdump is the rawest but quickest way to see
whats going on.
 Also, just maybe, one of the boxes is looking to do a network
boot due to a bios config...thus causing all the pre OS load traffic

jd at taproot.bz

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