[lug] Sharing of CD ROM...

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Thu Dec 19 15:13:32 MST 2002

Hey all,

It looks like I have HFS working between two machines.  One is my 
laptop, running Slackware, the other is a "work in progress" that I 
booted from Slackware "network" disks.  I can mount exported files on 
the floppy booted machine, but I can't see the cdrom.  Is there a trick 
to share out a CD-ROM?

The problem:  I have an old 233MHz P2-MMX machine that I want to turn 
into a firewall/router for my DSL connection.  The CD drive is an OLD 
quad speed that will not read CD-R's.  So, it won't read my Slackware 
install CDROM.  I figured I could do an NFS install, but I can't seem to 
get the re-build machine to see the CD on the laptop.


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