[lug] heavy load = beep..beep....beep

James droid_1138 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 18:09:26 MST 2002

thanks guys,

one of the first things I did was look in my bios... but I guess I had to look
harder.  There is nothing about alarms, or high and low temperatures, which was
what I was origionally looking for.  I disabled the option to show the cpu and
mobo temp, and that seems to be working.  Of course I also took a look inside
and apparently my new apartment has a lot more dust.  I have never seen such a
mess after so little time. 


--- Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-12-21 at 15:43, James wrote:
> > My computer beeps under heavy load.  for example... every time I build a
> > kernel.  For the most part it only happens when I am building kernels.
> > Recently I have been building a lot of kernels trying to get my
> > accelerated tv-out working on my g400.  Needless to say it has become an
> > huge annoyance.  I am currently running Slack 8.1 with various kernels
> > (2.4.18, 2.4.19, 2.4.20). It also did the same thing under RH 7.3
> > and possibly 7.2, though I am not sure.  I haven't seen anything in my
> > logs, and no its not my UPS. ;-) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> It is probably a heat sensor.  Check your BIOS for sensor data.  See if
> it has an alarm setting.  If that is the reason for the beeps, then I
> recommend better case ventilation or you might need a larger heat sink
> on the CPU.  Did you build the system yourself?  If not, ask the system
> builder's tech support about it.
> In Linux, to read the motherboard heat sensors and fan speeds (if the
> board supports it) try the lm_sensors2 package.  RedHat includes it in
> their kernel (although not the latest and greatest version) and your
> distro might also.
> As an example, on my motherboard (a dual Tyan AMD) I need the modules:
> i2c-core, i2c-proc, i2c-amd756 and w83781d.  I also need this line in
> modules.conf: "options w83781d force_subclients=0,0x3d,0x4a,0x4b"  (I
> found those by using Google).  Unless you also have a dual AMD board,
> you probably won't need strange options.
> -- 
> Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org>

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