[lug] XF86 multi-vid cards

Stephen Queen svq at peakpeak.com
Sun Dec 29 13:38:25 MST 2002

Paul Nowosielski wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm try to set up multiple moniters/vid cards on my system.
>I'm using an NVIDIA GF-2 and an S3 card.
>Either card works fine independently BUT when I try to start them
>together it freezes X, keyboard, and mouse.One monitor goes black and
>the other will start the standard xinit screen.
>I have to SSH from another machine and kill X or do a hard restart to
>get the system functioning again.
>the Nvidia card is AGP and the S3 is PCI. I've tried switching between
>the two cards in the bios with similar results.
> I would like to run them as two separate monitors/windows managers and
>not use the xinerama option. 
> Also the Nvidia card has a TV out which I do not use, but I don't tell
>X this in the config file and don't think it has any thing to do with
>the problem, just thought I'd mention that.
>Does anyone have experience with duel monitor support who could advise
>Paul Nowosielski
In your X config file in the Section Device do you have a BusID. It 
should look something like

BusID    "PCI:1:0:0"

There should be a BusID for each board. If you don't have the BusID and 
don't know what the BusID is for each board, try lspci. Even AGP devices 
will have a BusID.  The lspci command will list the ID in the format
Which  according to the man page is

Another thing to try, at least it worked for me once, is to reverse the 
order the Device Sections for the video cards are listed in the config 
file. I don't no why it worked but it did. That was for a version of 
XFree86 that came with slackware 8.0. It seems to be arbitrary in most 
versions of XFree86.

If neither of these ideas works, maybe post the pertinent parts of your 
config file so that we can see if we can spot an error.


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