[lug] Linux threads programming

Carlos Hernandez chernan at datsi.fi.upm.es
Mon Jan 13 06:34:03 MST 2003


rm at fabula.de wrote:

> Just for my understanding: are you trying to implement some
> sort of thread-local dump/undump by saving the C-callstack?

Yes it is.

> Hmm, if so, how do you intend to deal with absolute addresses stored
> on the stack? If your stack holds addresses from _within_ the stack
> (like local pointers that get passed down in function calls) these
> pointers will be dangling after undumping.
>  Ralf Mattes

This is our first atempt to roll back single threads, at the moment were
thinking in an ideal program : no
pointers, etc. However, dealing with pointers maybe requires instrumenting
malloc calls.


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