[lug] KRUD 8.0 (12/1/02) Install Issues

bof bof at pcisys.net
Tue Jan 14 10:34:41 MST 2003

Michael Deck wrote:

 >> <snip> The "keep good notes" bit is certainly sage advice. I find 
that a reinstall usually takes me hours or days to recover from: between 
Qmail and Mailman there's usually some job that isn't starting, or some 
permission that's wrong

Are you aware that RH/KRUD keeps a log of which packages and 
installation options are installed in /root/anaconda-ks.cfg and list of 
the files installed in /root/install.log?

This might save some notetaking and some time, since the anaconda-ks.cfg 
can be used to automate the install. Chapter 1 and 2 of the 
Customization Guide has information on how to use it.


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