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Matt Clauson mec at dotorg.org
Wed Jan 15 09:00:08 MST 2003

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On Tuesday 14 January 2003 22:09, Matt Clauson wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 January 2003 21:20, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 08:29:38PM -0700, Matt Clauson wrote:
> > >I have a user (local delivery) that I just created, with a capital
> > >letter in the user name.  mail to both user and User (note the
> > > capital) are both failing.  Any ideas as to why, or how to fix
> > > (other than changing the username?)
> >
> > What do the logs say when you send a messages to that user?

Jan 14 20:00:46 electra qmail: 1042599646.969612 starting delivery 10: 
msg 1327719 to local User at electra.dotorg.org
Jan 14 20:00:46 electra qmail: 1042599646.969659 status: local 2/10 
remote 0/20
Jan 14 20:00:47 electra qmail: 1042599647.049713 delivery 20: failure: 
Jan 14 20:00:47 electra qmail: 1042599647.049830 status: local 1/10 
remote 0/20

> I found the problem and fixed it, but I'm too brain-dead to post the
> fix right now.  Tomorrow morning, I hope.  For those of you who want
> the answer right now, read the man page for qmail-pw2u -- it'll put
> you on the right track.  found it just after I posted to the list.

Shortly after I poster last night, I started tearing through man pages 
after listing all the binaries in the qmail package.  I came across 
this little gem in qmail-getpw:

       qmail-getpw considers an account in /etc/passwd  to  be  a
       user  if  (1)  the  account  has  a  nonzero  uid, (2) the
       account's home directory exists (and is visible to  qmail-
       getpw),  and  (3)  the  account  owns  its home directory.
       qmail-getpw ignores  account  names  containing  uppercase
       letters.   qmail-getpw also assumes that all account names
       are shorter than 32 characters.

Personally, I think this kind of Bad and Wrong, but Dan Bernstein has an 
interesting viewpoint to write software from.  He's similar to Theo de 
Raadt in that aspect.

So, I can't tell qmail-getpw otherwise, so how do I fix it?  Ahh, yes, a 
specific entry in the users database (/var/qmail/control/users/assign) 
to specifically allow said user:


After this, I run qmail-newu, and we're back in business.

- --mec
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