[lug] [OT] Building custom servers

Nancy Perry nancy at sleddogcafe.com
Wed Jan 15 09:04:26 MST 2003

I'm new to Boulder and am looking for a local shop that
will put together a custom, high-end server.  I figured
the local linux hackers would know where to direct me. :-)

Basically the "must-have" things I am looking for are:
dual proc (2+ GHz procs), 1-2GB RAM, 800 GB storage
(maybe 4 200GB disks), and a "nice-to-have" is the
ability to add more disks.

I don't want to have to pay for extra stuff like high end
graphics, sound, etc (the usual junk that is sold to the
masses), just want a beefy server.

I'd appreciate any pointers... where do locals go for your toys?

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