[lug] qmail issues...

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Wed Jan 15 09:38:26 MST 2003

> I have a user (local delivery) that I just created, with a capital
> letter in the user name.

What's the general consensus on using capital letters in usernames 
and/or e-mail addresses?

IIRC, qmail (and perhaps Sendmail) automatically lowercase the username 
and domain name of an address before even attempting to deliver it.  In 
this way there are several ways to write an address:

jeff at neobox.net
Jeff at neoBox.net
JeFF at neoBoX.NEt

And all of them will go to the same place.

In that sense, I always use strictly lowercase for all my e-mail, but of 
course there are lots of people who capitalize initials and so forth to 
(perhaps) clarify their name.

On the subject of usernames, I've always used all-lowercase with a 
maximum of eight characters, although I know *nix will support 
capitalization and longer names.  Is it common to do so?

Any thoughts on this?

Just curious,

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