[lug] Oracle 8.1.x on KRUD/RedHat 8?

Elyse Grasso emgrasso at data-raptors.com
Wed Jan 15 17:34:48 MST 2003

Oracle wants glibc 2.1. Even the compatibility packages on RedHat 8 are 

Is it likely to be possible to get Oracle to install without breaking 
tons of other stuff on the system? (Unfortunately, I have a 3rd party 
product I'd like to test that only runs on Oracle 8... and I'd rather 
not downgrade my OS to 7.x when I've just gotten 8.0 tweked to a 
satisfactory state).

Would it be safe to switch out the compat libraries with the ones from 
the 7.3 disks, install oracle, and switch them back? Or will that leave 
oracle looking for things it can't find when it tries to run?



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