[lug] OT: Direct Modem Connection Real-Time Audio Stream

Zichary O`Tea zirotea at cyberspace.org
Wed Jan 15 20:30:02 MST 2003

I don't know if theres software for what I want to do, but I'd thought I
ask.  Failing that, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to put
something like what I'm thinking of together. 

By having one computer dial another, I would like to have one send
audio, at the highest bit-rate possible and real-time, to the other
computer over the direct dial up connection.  

So like:

Sending Computer                    Receiving Computer
------------------                  ------------------
| Enconding audio|                  | Getting encoded|
|  on the fly    |  Land Line       | audio from 56k |
|     and        |----------------> |    modem,      |
| sending it over|                  | and playing it.|
|  56k modem     |                  |                |
------------------                  ------------------     

I'd be interest in software to do this, or sexy protocals that avoid the
overhead of TCP/IP for encoding and compressing audio to be sent over a
56k modem to another 56k modem. 

Does that make sense?  I know its kind of crazy.  

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