[lug] OT: Direct Modem Connection Real-Time Audio Stream

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Jan 16 09:15:34 MST 2003

Zichary O`Tea said:

> I'd be interest in software to do this, or sexy protocals that avoid the
> overhead of TCP/IP for encoding and compressing audio to be sent over a
> 56k modem to another 56k modem.

The easy answer would be to use two "voice modems" with the receiving side
in speaker-phone mode.  (This wouldn't even require a working computer!)
The sending side will allow you to use the modem as a "speaker" but the
sound will come out on the sending side.

Note that this is all analog.  No MOdulating or DEModulating.

Or you could use it in any way you could use a serial port.  You will
almost certainly have to do some buffering on the receiving side.  You can
hope for about 30kbps, so it isn't going to sound too hot.  You definitely
don't want to use IP.

Good luck!


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