[lug] OT: Direct Modem Connection Real-Time Audio Stream

Zichary O`Tea zirotea at cyberspace.org
Thu Jan 16 13:26:52 MST 2003

> The easy answer would be to use two "voice modems" with the receiving side
> in speaker-phone mode.  (This wouldn't even require a working computer!)
> The sending side will allow you to use the modem as a "speaker" but the
> sound will come out on the sending side.

AM quality, speaking in mp3 terms is about 40kbps, which is do able with
the new v.92s.  So, it would be good if I could stream that data, instead
of using a speaker phone, which at best is like 18kbps, or less. 

And, I know I'm going to sound like a heretic, but....

WMA, at about 48kbps is "FM Quality", which also happens to be the
upstream max for v.92s. So, if I could do that, then I could get a 
not-so-bad quailty stream across the direct connection.  Then, I will rule
to world.

Some one on another list suggested doing something like this:

sox -r8000 -b -U -t raw /dev/audio -s -w -t wav - | lame -b 24 - - 2> stderr  

(except, of course, redirecting stdout to /dev/modem)

Which is fine, if I want to use mp3. 

alternatively, I was thinking about using some asf/wma streaming software
over PPP connection. 

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