[lug] CD R/RW advice

Daniel Webb webb at danielwebb.us
Sat Jan 18 23:29:45 MST 2003

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, D. Stimits wrote:

> <...> or a given brand is often good or bad?

  When I researched this pretty heavily three years ago, Plextor was
definitely the way to go.  I have had quite a few of their drives, and
they often rip audio CDs that other CD-RW drives don't even recognize.  I
haven't kept up with the newsgroups since then to know if anything else is
comparable.  I have been happy with mine, except for the fact that the
SCSI emulation (or maybe it's the sg module) on Linux is a piece of crap.
If you look deep in the cdrecord webpage you will find Jorj cursing the
state of ATAPI on Linux :/

  If you try ripping a scratched or dirty CD, you may have to wait hours
to get it back...  or you may have to reboot.  It's the only issue I've
consistently had problems with on Linux for the three years that I've been
using it.

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