[lug] domain name registrars

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Sun Jan 19 08:34:59 MST 2003

Daniel Webb writes:
>   godaddy.com seems to be a favorite among the Slashdot crowd.  I have all
> my domains (3 right now) with them now.  I haven't had any problems.  I
> do my own DNS hosting, so I don't have experience with any of their
> additional services.  I can't comment on their service quality, because I
> have never needed it.  Everything just worked, including a transfer from
> another registrar.  I think they are $8 or $9 per year for registration
> only.

I transferred one domain to them, and there were some
problems. register.com didn't want to give it up.  I was pretty
frustrated by the experience, because it wasn't worth the $20 I was
saving at the same time register.com shouldn't be allowed to hassle
people this way. godaddy didn't do very much, and who could expect
them to $8/year.  I'm not sure I would go through the experience


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