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Matt Clauson mec at dotorg.org
Sun Jan 19 09:13:35 MST 2003

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On Saturday 18 January 2003 17:19, Ernie Stiltner wrote:
>                                                 January 18, 2003
> A sour note on some of the registar suggestions a couple days ago is
> in order - several of the ones named are infamous for sponsoring
> spammers. Do a lookup on who is serving some of your favorite
> spammers and you'll see names like gandi and godaddy a lot - not
> because they are cheap, but they refuse to take any action against
> the spammers. There is a reason for their cheap registrations.

And you expect registrars to revoke domain names of people who are the 
victims of complaints re: spam?  That's a ridiculous position to take, 
as easy as it is to forge domains when sending email OR spamming.  I 
refuse to have my domain taken away due to the fact that someone else 
spams using a falsified address in my domain, which happens once or 
twice a month.

As a reference, I refer you to GANDI's notice re: spam...


I highly reccomend Gandi, especially due to clause one of their 

The Client owns the Domain Name registered. Gandi simply acts on the 
Client's behalf. Client acknowledges that Gandi services consist only 
of including in the shared Domain Names database, the Domain Name 
choosen by the Client, for the duration of the present contract and 
without prejudice, notably, that the Domain Name is available and that 
the Client respects terms and conditions of the present contract.

Gandi's position is, as a registrar, completely equitable and 
understandable.  I highly and unequivocally reccomend them.
And I personally will no longer use anyone else.

- --mec
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