[lug] ANN: CLUE-North meeting, Thursday, 23 January

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at itec-co.com
Sun Jan 19 13:40:22 MST 2003

CLUE-North Meeting, Thursday 23 January
Topic: Hacking Society: An Introduction and Show & Tell

This Thursday instead of having a set speaker for our 
meeting, CLUE- North will be hosting a Linux "Hacking 
Society" meeting. People are welcome to bring in projects 
he/she might be working on and encouraged to demonstrate 
or "show off" these projects to others. This is another 
first for CLUE-North, and we hope that it will be a nice 
success. Sean Reifschneider (Northern Colorado Hacking 
Society), Kevin Fenzi (Boulder Hacking Society), and Ed 
Hill (Golden Hacking Society) plan on attending to help 
introduce everyone to this setting. Also, Hacking Society 
tees will be on sale via Sean Reifschneider.

The goal of the Hacking Society is to foster geek 
community-building through the shared experience of 
hacking. Of course, by "hacking", I mean the more historic 
meaning of working on interesting projects (Jargon File 
"hack" entry, sense 6). Not the "script kiddies trying to 
compromise boxes" meaning which has become what most people 
think of in relation to the term.

It's meant to be a sacred place full of positive hacking 
energy, if you will. Hacking by osmosis...

Hacking Society is primarily meant for you to come and 
work on your own projects, as opposed to soliciting 
others to solve your problems (which is usually more 
what goes on at an Install Fest or at the main LUG 

More information on Hacking Society, including some ideas 
for projects to work on there, can be found at:     

Available will be at least one switch/router for ethernet 
connections, as well as potentially a WiFi access point 
to Regis's DHCP network. Details will be provided at the 
day of the event. 

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