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Peter Janett mlists at newmediaone.com
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What you need to do is make sure your permissions are correct on your
server, as the web server is public, and should be treated as a system user.
So anything you don't want accessed via a script like this need to have
permissions that protect it from user "nobody", or whatever user your web
server is running as.

You can also have Perl scripts run as different users using SuExe with
Apache, but the same issues hold true, just for multiple users instead of


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> Hello,
>  Today at slashdot there is a write-up about
> a cgi shell.
> so i downloaded it and tried it...pretty scary, it allowed me
> to get to / and go where ever I wanted. Is there a way to
> allow users to have a cgi-bin but stop this sort of behavior?
> Thanks,
> jd
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