[lug] chroot up2date

jd lug at taproot.bz
Mon Feb 3 20:48:57 MST 2003

so i got apache chrooted using this how to...(thanks Rob)

I would like to have a chrooted up2date to go with the apache
I got it installed. Even hacked rhnreg.py because it could
not get my Redhat version and would exit telling me to run
rpm --rebuild . So i hard coded the version but now when i run up2date
it complains about the same thing. I tried hacking it...but now 
im gonna have to reinstall it :) 
Could someont tell me if and how i could get up2date seeing
my version in chroot... I copied /etc/redhat-release to /etc
in the chroot enviroment...no help.


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