[lug] setting stickyness across sessions

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Feb 4 09:04:01 MST 2003

I'm stuck using gnome at my workstation at work (I've been using AfterStep
elsewhere, but it seems to lock up my workstation).

One of the features that I liked about AfterStep is that I could define default
behavior for a window class.  For example, we use gaim a lot.  I could define a
"Style" that set anything with a resource name of Gaim to be Sticky.  So gaim
would show up on all of my desktops by default.

With gnome (redhat 8.0), if I want that same behavior, I have to remember to
select the "Put on all Workspaces" from the dropdown each time I log in.  I also
have to open up all associated windows and do the same for them.  I also have to
leave all those windows open all the time.  This is a hassle.

Now for the question, does anyone know how to tell gnome "This application and
all of its windows should default to sticky behavior" and have gnome remember
after I log out?


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