[lug] setting stickyness across sessions

The Matt thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Feb 4 10:27:20 MST 2003

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 09:04, Hugh Brown wrote:
> I'm stuck using gnome at my workstation at work (I've been using AfterStep
> elsewhere, but it seems to lock up my workstation).
> One of the features that I liked about AfterStep is that I could define default
> behavior for a window class.  For example, we use gaim a lot.  I could define a
> "Style" that set anything with a resource name of Gaim to be Sticky.  So gaim
> would show up on all of my desktops by default.
> With gnome (redhat 8.0), if I want that same behavior, I have to remember to
> select the "Put on all Workspaces" from the dropdown each time I log in.  I also
> have to open up all associated windows and do the same for them.  I also have to
> leave all those windows open all the time.  This is a hassle.
> Now for the question, does anyone know how to tell gnome "This application and
> all of its windows should default to sticky behavior" and have gnome remember
> after I log out?

Mr. Brown, this isn't an answer, but another place to ask.  I'd try out
the GNOME list:


I am guessing you are using metacity as your WM, and so this is a
question for Havoc Pennington.  He is the emperor of metacity and,
luckily, he is on the list quite often.  Frankly, I don't think there is
a way to do this through gconf or the like.  From a bugzilla report for
metacity and xmms, it looks like it is something gaim would need to do
itself (e.g, the bug was that XMMS currently doesn't do "Sticky" correct
and so you need to do a manual "Put on All Workspaces", try and see).

If I remember right, I think the old WM GNOME used, sawfish, might have
been able to remember stickiness, but it's been a while since I've used
it and I don't have a copy on hand.

The "right click menu" question might also be a metacity question.

So, try the GNOME list (maybe with a "Metacity: " subject) and please
reply if you find out.  I've also wondered about this for gaim...I have
to do it every time as well.  You might ask the Gaim developers as well,
maybe a CVS version has a "sticky conversation window" bit.

Sorry I can't help more,
Matt Thompson
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