[lug] Local Linux Developer has new Shaping tool, would like feedback! (fwd)

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Feb 4 12:57:06 MST 2003

>Sorry I have not been active in the local Linux User
>Group. I have developed an innovative open source 
>bandwidth limiting tool that runs turn key on a Linux

Can you provide some details on what makes this "innovative" and why it
is better than, for example HTB3 traffic shaping?  I checked your
web-site, but it's pretty slim on technical details other than that it's
a "traffic cop".  I'll take HTB3 over a "traffic cop" any day.  ;-)

We've been experimenting with HTB3 at tummy.com, ltd.'s hosting
facility, and at the Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative for a while
now and it's pretty sweet.  Basically, it's a shaper but only comes into
effect when you hit an upper limit on bandwidth.  Because it's
heiarchical ("Heirarchical Token Bucket 3"), you can group users or
services in useful ways.

If a grouping is overcommitted (meaning, it is using more bandwidth than
is available), they will be throttled based on some metrics.  If you
have 1mbps of bandwidth and 3 users committed to 512kbps, if 2 of them
are idle the third can use 1mbps, but as soon as another starts using
bandwidth the 1mbps user is pushed down to make room.

We're actually using it to ensure that critical traffic can make it
through, and limit the impact of a local denial of service attack or
compromise attempts against outside networks.

 Maybe I'm a closet claustrophobic.
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