[lug] Evolution

jd lug at taproot.bz
Tue Feb 4 14:21:58 MST 2003

  Evolution is driving me crazy....and proablly not making
the BLUG list very happy either. I Have multiple email
addys and only one is subscribed to blug. My old mail clients
would set the return addresss to the address that recived the mail
I was replying too.  Evolution....or at least mine, just uses
the default account to send all mail unless i specify witch account
to use. So this causes many issues with List that are members only.
My mail gets held in que until reviewed...then posted to the list...
usally to late to help  or flow with the thread.

Is there a way to fix this....I thought Evolution did this...
Maybe i broke it, The spell check I for sure broke some how...
it doesnt work anymore as I am sure some of you have noticed.

Think its time for a more robust mailer..or just some config changes
Any suggestions?


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