[lug] OT: registrar switching

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Feb 4 22:15:59 MST 2003

> A lot of it is the AUP and Contract.  A friend of mine pointed me to 
> GANDI (gandi.net), and I've not been happier.  Something to note, from 
> their service contract/AUP:
> 1.
> The Client owns the Domain Name registered. Gandi simply acts on the
> Client's behalf. Client acknowledges that Gandi services consist only
> of including in the shared Domain Names database, the Domain Name
> choosen by the Client, for the duration of the present contract and
> without prejudice, notably, that the Domain Name is available and that
> the Client respects terms and conditions of the present contract.
> No fee to transfer away, either.
> Speaking of which, didn't we just discuss registrars about 3 weeks ago?

We did, but the thread was "Who is a good registrar" not "How much pain
will I suffer when I try to leave netsol.


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