[lug] USB 2.0 and other HW issues

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Thu Feb 6 12:17:09 MST 2003

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> USB 2.0 works in 2.4.20.  I just had to buy a PCI USB 2.0 card for my
> machine, it works without hitch for USB 1.1 devices.  I have not been
> able to try it with an 2.0 devices, as I don't have any.  The USB
> subsystem on my motherboard died.  The module you want is usb-ehci.
> You also have to have usb-ohci loaded for the 1.1 devices.

Good news - so the USB2.0 code has been backported.  I will give it a

>> Via 8x (SIS 8x) ...  Not properly supported under Linux yet.
> I hadn't heard this.  What kind of troubles?

Unstable system...  The IDE controllers (not RAID controllers) don't
switch into DMA mode...  

I don't remember as what the chipset is identyfied.  I can check on
this though.  A while back I noticed that the VIA 333 chipset was
identified as a VIA 266 chipset.  It mostly ran fine but didn't feel
perfectly stable.  Running Intel chipsets may be a better choice - but

those of us who need lots of fast X87 instructions like the AMDs.
>> Are we back to the days when you had to hand pick components to make
>> them work under Linux or am I missing something (somewhat likely)?
> Never had to do that, even when I had a cutting edge motherboard
> (which was few years ago).  Even if something was not optimized, it
> still worked.

Many of my problems have started recently with USB 2.0, Firewire, and
the new AMD chipsets.

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