[lug] imap performance

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Feb 8 10:44:04 MST 2003

Quoting Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com>:

> How much RAM is in the mail server?

Only 256MB and it was swapping 30MB.  So I will look at getting more for it.

> I found that even on a lightly loaded UW-IMAP machine, adding physical RAM
> made a world of difference in the responsiveness of the server.  I never
> dug
> into the code to see if it's pulling a lot of things into RAM when there
> are
> a lot of mail files, and this particular box doesn't see many simultaneous
> users, but all the users have a lot of mail sorted and stored on it in
> different "folders".
> Also, are you running imap through inetd/xinetd or as a direct server
> daemon
> listening on a port?  inetd/xinetd could slow down the process
> considerably.

Yup, also a good point.  I'll look at that.

> On this lightly loaded server, I decided I still wanted some of the
> features
> of xinetd in front of UW, so I left it there, but I did find that certain
> clients (Outlook Express in particular) if a user had a LOT of mail folders
> could make more connections per minute than inetd would allow to the IMAP
> daemon... and had to raise the limits in the configuration.

I have managed to outlaw Outlook for the most part at the company.  So that's
not as much of an issue.



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