[lug] RH 7.3 failure of X11 after KDE update

D. Stimits stimits at attbi.com
Sat Feb 8 21:43:28 MST 2003

I'm looking for something more recent than I found under google. I just
upgraded a RH 7.3 install with pretty much every upgrade on the updates
site. I'd been keeping up fairly well with upgrades, but recently KDE
and everything related to KDE was added. Other major items such as glibc
and compiler were already updated, though I did update python and qt as
well. The problem is that I cannot start X11 now, it dies with this
error in the X11 log
  Fatal server error:
  could not open default cursor font 'cursor'

The google searches don't seem to indicate anything relevant. The cursor
file itself appears to be in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/cursor.pcf.gz. I have tried rebuilding the
font related files via mkfontdir, no use. I tried reinstalling the
kdebase-3.0.3-0.7.2 rpm which supplies the cursor font, no help. Nothing
related to the kernel itself nor to OpenGL or AGP has been changed.
Rather than trying to downgrade all of the KDE stuff I just installed
(I'm guessing between 1 and 2 dozen packages), I'd like to figure out
what other package might be broken that I can reinstall. Changing to RH
8 or reinstalling at this time is not an option, and overly drastic for
a KDE failure or X font failure.

Does anyone here have any experience with upgrading RH 7.3 KDE (actually
KRUD 7.3) causing the cursor font to fail? Or suggestions on trying to
figure out which package is in conflict (apparently it isn't the kdebase
which supplies the cursor font, I tried that)? The X server itself was
not upgraded, it is 4.2.0-8, along with compat libs for 4.0.3-2.

D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi DOT com

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