[lug] Gnome-RPM

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Mon Mar 10 09:38:56 MST 2003

The Matt wrote:
> Frankly, I can't stand Redhat without APT.  Especially if you play
> around in Rawhide.  It is dependency hell in Rawhide and only apt makes
> it sane.

I've been tracking some packages in Debian unstable without 
getting into dependency hell...

The way out is to grab the source, then recompile locally.  That 
way the packages use your libraries (sometimes you have to kick it 
and tell it to ignore dependencies) and you can avoid updating 
everything but the kitchen sink.  This is basically the approach 
used by *BSD ports, but with different packaging tools.

The downside is that you also have to track the packaging tools, 
and sometimes you can't avoid upgrading libraries.  But overall I 
think you end up with a more stable system in less time, once you 
take into account the effort wasted resolving dependency issues in 
the raw archive.


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