[lug] some general questions

Chan Kar Heng karheng at softhome.net
Tue Mar 11 08:49:24 MST 2003


would like to know if anyone has seen anything like a java applet
or a microsoft COM object embedded on a web page allowing
access to a remote X server?

for example, perhaps i could use a URL like:


.. and the remotexapps server would start openoffice and have
it running at remotexapps server while openoffice displays
openoffice user interface on my local browser...

next thing i would like to find out is.. how well are current
versions of linux supporting USB? i've not dabbled with linux
for a while already now... and am just curious about this.

how well is the support for things like USB cables that connect
computer to computer, USB thumb LAN devices, USB light,
USB mobile phone chargers, USB cams, USB card readers,
USB thumb drives, etc?

thanks in advance



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