[lug] some general questions

Andrew Gilmore agilmore at uc.usbr.gov
Tue Mar 11 09:00:11 MST 2003

Chan Kar Heng wrote:
> greetings.

[snip bit about remote apps, no comment]

> next thing i would like to find out is.. how well are current
> versions of linux supporting USB? i've not dabbled with linux
> for a while already now... and am just curious about this.
> how well is the support for things like USB cables that connect
> computer to computer, USB thumb LAN devices, USB light,
> USB mobile phone chargers, USB cams, USB card readers,
> USB thumb drives, etc?

My one experience with a "cigar" USB flash drive was not successful. The 
support on the web seems to be pretty complete, and I've heard of many 
people using it, but I did not have sucess.

My USB mouse works like a charm. I have found utopia with my laptop 
mouse situation. I've got a usb mouse plugged into the docking station, 
and have that configured for mouse wheel, etc. but my PS/2 glidepad on 
the laptop itself can have emulate 3 buttons on, and they don't 
conflict. When I had a PS/2 mouse on the docking station, the two 
configurations confused eachother, since the data comes from the same 
ports (?). /dev/psaux, anyway.


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